Since 2007, Polar has provided solutions for publishers. Back when reading news on your phone was an outlandish idea, we helped media giants pioneer the mobile site landscape and let them present rich story-telling experiences on any device their readers chose.

As publishing evolves, so do we. At Polar we continue to invest in our platform, MediaVoice, which allows publishers to serve native advertising and sponsored content to their readers as they would the rest of their stories, while serving and tracking these stories like any other ad. Just as before, we listen to our clients and refine our product accordingly and efficiently, making sure the tools media-makers need to monetize and thrive are always at their fingertips.  

With offices in Toronto and New York, and an expanding presence in the UK, Polar is at the heart of digital publishing. We house a fun, dynamic, and innovative team who have gained a well-deserved reputation for shipping products, features, and updates on time and beyond expectation, all while still updating the office ping-pong leaderboard.

Life at Polar is exciting, and no day is typical. Customers going live is still cause for celebration, and the clapping from team meetings has been known to wake up the neighbours. The best part is we are still just getting started. 


Worked with over 600 publishers across the globe.


Raised $9 million in external capital from investors who are confident in our vision.


Serving 6 billion impressions from native ads and sponsored content amongst our clients.


Our clients see an exponential increase in CTR and engagement with native ads on MediaVoice.