Are Canadians Willing to do All Their Browsing on Mobile?

According to a recent study by TNS and Hill& Knowlton, the answer is not yet. Most Canadians are not currently satisfied doing all their web surfing on their mobile devices. The infographic below outlines the 6 types of internet users, as defined by Hill& Knowlton, along with their preferences for internet use.
Smartphones are almost on par with desktop browsers when it comes to completing small day-to-day tasks such as checking email or making plans and organizing, but for other uses such as shopping, mobile devices alone are not widely used yet.

In-app experiences aim to bridge the gap between browsing a publisher’s website on a mobile device and browsing on a desktop browser, while providing a best-in-class user experience which keeps readers coming back and provides a safe environment for making purchases.

Would you be content doing all of your internet surfing and media consumption on your mobile device? If not, what’s stopping you? Join the conversation on Twitter or in the comments section below.