This Week’s Top Digital Media Stories – Week of July 20th

At Polar Mobile, we aim to keep up with the latest news in the ever-evolving digital media industry. We understand that at times it can be difficult to keep updated, so we will be compiling a weekly list of must-read links for our readers. See below for our roundup of the can’t miss digital media resources from the past week:

Strings Attached: Marissa Mayer And The Mobile Challenge At Yahoo
While Yahoo’s competitors Google and Microsoft have been working away on their mobile products, Yahoo has fallen behind. Will Marissa Mayer turn this around at her new role at Yahoo?

The History of HTML5 Infographic
This detailed infographic walks through how HTML5 has been adopted since its inception in 2008.

Who Will be Canada’s Next Tech Darling?
Six takeovers of Canadian technology companies were announced just last week! Who will claim the top spot as Canada’s next big name in the tech industry?

Young Tablet Owners More Willing to Pay for News
Isn’t it ironic? Young tablet users may save the news industry.

And The Winner Of The Apps vs. Browsers War Is…
This special report conducted by BI Intelligence analyses patterns around mobile behaviour to determine who is reining supreme in the ongoing battle between mobile apps and the mobile browser. Does the answer surprise you?

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