This Week’s Top Digital Media Stories – Week of August 19th

Our roundup of this week’s can’t miss digital media resources:

Are Tablet-Only Publications Dead?
After substantial staff cuts at News Corp’s The Daily and the Huffington Post‘s decision not to continue charging for its iPad magazine, the outlook on tablet-only publications is not looking very bright.

Medium is Well Done, But is it the Future of Publishing?
Medium, the new web-publishing platform is being touted as part of the reinvention of digital content creation. Although founded by a couple great minds, it’s not yet clear what differentiators Medium brings to the table.

The Three Ways Traditional Media Companies Will Make Money in Mobile
Kunal Gupta, CEO of Polar Mobile, highlights three ways media companies are going to generate revenue from  mobile in this UNTETHER.talks keynote clip.

Official Olympic Numbers: Online Engagement Was Mostly Mobile
As the 2012 Olympics came to a close last weekend, it became increasingly clear that these were the ‘mobile games’.

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