This Week’s Top Digital Media Stories – Week of October 19th

Our list of this week’s can’t miss digital media links:

What Media Companies Can Learn From the Japanese Car Industry
According to a Harvard Business School professor, the current state of the media industry has a lot in common with the major transformations the auto industry has undergone. Publishers are being exposed to disruptive new technologies and are unsure how (or if they should) embrace these new technologies.

Newsweek Will Cease Print Publication at the End of the Year
On Thursday of this week, Newsweek‘s Tina Brown published a post on The Daily Beast which announced that at the end of this year, Newsweek will shift to an all-digital format. A major implication of this shift will be that the publication will cease all print publication.

‘Forbes’ Reports 50% of Revenues From Digital
According the Forbes‘ chief revenue officer, Meredith Levien, half of Forbes‘s revenue for the year will be derived from its digital business. This will mark the first time in the company’s history that digital revenues have overtaken traditional print revenue.