This Week’s Top Digital Media Stories – Week of October 5th

Looking to catchup on your reading over the long weekend? Check out our list of this week’s can’t miss digital media links:

Your Company Needs A Mobile Strategy Yesterday — And These Numbers Prove It
A recent report from eMarketer points out that mobile advertising made up less than 1% of global ad spending in 2011. This figure is hard to believe, especially considering the recent media consumption trends toward mobile worldwide.

Tablet Owners Read More News, Longer Articles: Report
For most tablet owners who also own a smartphone, the time spent on their digital media consumption is doubled rather than split between the two devices. This is according to the report released by Pew Research. These figures are becoming increasingly important; twenty-two percent of American adults are tablet owners, and a quarter of adults surveyed said they plan on purchasing a tablet by 2013.

Here’s Where Massive Smartphone Growth Will Come From
A recent BI report attempts to outline the opportunity for international smartphone growth. The majority of the six billion mobile phones worldwide are still feature phones, which will likely be replaced by smartphones over the next few years. Since North America is a mature smartphone market, BI points to China and Brazil as the next big booms in smartphone growth. What impacts will this international boom have on the smartphone market and its ecosystem of accessories, apps and mobile commerce?