Scale and Content: Polar and Contently partner to connect the dots


The adoption of native ads across the market is overwhelming: publishers are finding it a new source of revenue, brands are extending their reach, and customers are getting great new premium content. But ask any professional what challenges remain with native ads and two big ones stick out: scale and content. At Polar, we think we have the issue of scale resolved. MediaVoice is our native ads platform and being used by publishers to easily present, create, service, and report native advertising experiences across their desktop, tablet and smartphone websites. Publishers love our tight integration with existing ad infrastructure (including Google's DoubleClick platform), which gives ad ops teams full control to manage native ad campaigns like they would any other digital ad product. What's more, because MediaVoice integrates (not disrupts) with a publisher's existing workflow, all processes such as inventory and billing remain intact. Other key features like optimization, slot-level targeting, and coupling native ads with companion ads make MediaVoice the only truly scalable native ads solution.

So we take care of the delivery. But what about the content? As native advertising scales, advertisers’ demand for editorial-quality sponsored content has outpaced publishers’ ability to keep up. They’re reluctant to tap their own editorial teams to work on behalf of advertisers, and building a separate group of journalists is time consuming and expensive.

Enter our friends at Contently.

They saw the world of publishing changing around them as talented journalists and creative storytellers were branching out on their own. They also saw the need for journalism changing: brands, non-profits, and new media companies need talent and efficient ways to manage, measure, and achieve business results with content. Their passion lies in helping freelancers succeed and in doing so, allowing anyone to become a publisher. Their network of talent harnesses amazing journalism on almost any topic imaginable.

And with that, we're pleased to announce our new partnership with Contently. Between the scale and the content, Polar's new partnership with Contently resolve both issues: Polar helps publishers deliver native ad content, while Contently helps publishers and brands create that native ad content. All the dots are now connected.

A great platform like MediaVoice deserves great partners like Contently. This is the latest step as we continue to elevate MediaVoice to a true end-to-end native advertising platform and are excited to introduce these type of partnerships.

Contact us to learn more about our MediaVoice platform, request a demo, or find out how you can benefit from our partnership with Contently.