Native Advertising Roundup – Jan 31 2014

It’s a fast pace at Polar. Brand new research we read on Monday morning is lost in the shuffle by the time our backpacks are on our shoulders Friday evening as we head home. This is the reality of working in an exciting new field like native advertising. We are going to bet the same holds true for you. Marketers, publishers, and readers alike are searching for the straight talk about native ads, so every week we’ll aim to show you what we’re doing, what we’re reading, and why.

Polar News

Everyone at Polar was typing furiously this week. First up is vice president of engineering, JP Rosevear, where he explains how he defines process and applies it at Polar. Come for the in-depth and  experienced engineering mindset, stay for George Harrison jams.

Next up is senior director of marketing, Tony Vlismas. Tony recounts the anxious days he spent in the ad tech trenches, desperately fulfilling campaigns and filling inventory. He doesn't miss those days, and hopes the industry doesn't repeat the same mistakes when it comes to native ads.

Finally, Min Online reprinted Polar CEO Kunal Gupta's thoughts on what native advertising needs to succeed: less focus on scaling by any means, and more focus on creating quality content and premium products.

Volunteers from Polar made their way out to Mimico this week to volunteer at Toronto's Daily Bread Food Bank. As mentioned, we sorted over 5ooo lbs of non-perishable food items in the afternoon and learned how the organization works. Want to help out your self? Check out their site.

Around The Web

AdExchanger revealed image hosting site Imgur's plans when it comes to monetization in 2014 – a shift away from display ads and into a native advertising solution. The story dives into the juxtaposition of Imgur's potential and the advertising adverse audience from their main traffic source, Reddit.

Microsoft recently found itself in hot water over a native advertising campaign on YouTube. Microsoft sponsored positive reviews for its XBox One gaming console on the YouTube network Machinima without proper disclosure. It seems to be a mix up, and unlikely the FTC will intervene, but proves publishers and marketers need follow best practices when it comes to disclosing sponsored content.

Business Insider has a report showing exactly why the publishing industry is so excited about native advertising – social networks and apps are poised to make a killing this year. These stories usually feature Facebook and Twitter, but there is some info here about Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat and what their products look like in 2014.

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