Native Advertising Roundup – Jan 24 2014

It’s a fast pace at Polar. Brand new research we read on Monday morning is lost in the shuffle by the time our backpacks are on our shoulders Friday evening as we head home. This is the reality of working in an exciting new field like native advertising. We are going to bet the same holds true for you. Marketers, publishers, and readers alike are searching for the straight talk about native ads, so every week we’ll aim to show you what we’re doing, what we’re reading, and why.

Polar News

Every January sees an onslaught of trend pieces for the year (hey people, we're no different). Polar CEO Kunal Gupta mixes it up in the Makegood with 3 non-trends for native advertising in 2014. He cites programmatic ad buying and native ads becoming illegal as some of the predictions that won't come true in the coming year.


With so many native ad and content marketing start-ups making noise with funding this week and last, VentureBeat shed light on exactly what everyone is talking about when they say "native advertising" by publishing Kunal's breakdown of the different formats and units one sees on websites these days.

VentureBeat followed up that explanation with Polar's piece on why quality trumps scale when it comes to native advertising – the format's future depends on it staying a premium product.

So, does all this native ad talk have you jealous? Admit it. You want to work here, at Polar, an exciting startup with top notch clients, brilliant coworkers, and their fingers on the pulse of publishing's future. Well my friend, you are in luck. Polar is hiring a Solution Consultant for our customer success team. You'll be responsible for helping our clients, some of the biggest names in publishing, succeed with Polar. Think about it.

Around The Web

As mentioned above, investors were "making it rain" this week in native-ad and content-marketing related business across the planet. One such business is Polar partner Newscred, a content marketing platform which helps publishers create and manage content marketing, and source writers and pieces if needed. The company announced on Thursday that they have raised another $25-million to fuel an aggressive expansion to satisfy the demand for their products. Way to go, folks!

New York University journalism professor and media critic Jay Rosen gave an informing interview to Contently's Sam Petulla on the topic of native ads. Much like ourselves, Rosen believes successful native advertising hinges on quality – paid content has to be good enough to compete with the real thing.

Inc. has stepped up their native ad coverage thus far in 2014. Here, Laura Montini provides convincing evidence why one will warm up to native ads in 2014, documenting the change in favor towards the format amongst researchers and analysts.

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