Native Advertising Roundup – Feb 21 2014


It’s a fast pace at Polar. Brand new research we read on Monday morning is lost in the shuffle by the time our backpacks are on our shoulders Friday evening as we head home. This is the reality of working in an exciting new field like native advertising. We are going to bet the same holds true for you. Marketers, publishers, and readers alike are searching for the straight talk about native ads, so every week we’ll aim to show you what we’re doing, what we’re reading, and why.

Polar News

Steve Irvine (pictured  above with Polar CEO Kunal Gupta), Group Director, Global Marketing Solutions at Facebook stopped by Polar for a lunch and learn this week and spoke about the social network's role in mobile and Canada. He posed Polar staff a question you have to ask yourself in the startup space:  "Are you a passenger or are you a driver?"

Polar announced Wednesday our expansion into the U.K. market, partnering with publications like Hearst, Haymarket, Future, and Net Communities to help serve their native ads. The U.K. is a hot market when it comes to native ads, and unique in that the advertising and marketing process is much more manual. Read why tools like MediaVoice are helping publishers make native ads easy.

With explosive growth comes great new jobs with Polar, as well. We're hiring  sales directors in Los Angeles or San Francisco, and London, a solution consultant, and engineering roles in our Toronto office. Keep checking our careers section for roles at Polar.

The Makegood published Polar Senior Director of Marketing, Tony Vlismas's recount of the mistakes made in ad tech's past and how we should avoid them with native advertising. As Tony explains: Click-through rate as a measure doesn’t measure anything at all. Today marketers spend their advertising dollars and want to understand engagement, viewership, and sharing.

Around The Web

Yahoo introduced Gemini on February 20th, revealing their native ad plans. The marketplace combines mobile search and native ads – hoping that simplifying the process appeals to the marketers and brands that habitually buy both products separately.

This guest post from Vocus's Mon Tsang on why we won't see much from the FTC on native ads has some other interesting tidbits: three quarters of members surveyed from the Online Publishers Association are using some form of native advertising.

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