Native Advertising Roundup – April 30 2014

It’s a fast pace at Polar. Brand new research we read on Monday morning is lost in the shuffle by the time our backpacks are on our shoulders Friday evening as we head home. This is the reality of working in an exciting new field like native advertising. We are going to bet the same holds true for you. Marketers, publishers, and readers alike are searching for the straight talk about native ads, so every week we’ll aim to show you what we’re doing, what we’re reading, and why.

TeamPhotoBlogApril crop
TeamPhotoBlogApril crop

Above: A photo from a recent Polar team meeting after a meeting of the board of directors.

Matchstick shared the news of the Globe and Mail's new native advertising pilot program. Matchstick's involvement stems from their partnership with GE Canada, the Toronto agency has built an  award winning shop based on their content  and social media marketing prowess.

Despite a tube strike, the IAB UK hosted a packed seminar on the topics of mobile and native advertising. The company also released numbers today showing a significant rise in digital ad dollars in the UK advertising industry.

At the @IABUK for mobile advertising - formats or native? With

— Anthony Prior (@Anthonyprior_) April 29, 2014

Also from the UK, the Drum reported on recent Ebuzzing research findings pointing out that 70 per cent of respondents believe native ads show a brand as innovative. Despite negative conjecture from columnists like Bob Garfield, research proves readers can dicern and appreciate quality native advertising for themselves.

Finally, if you are like us, you are constantly looking for new sources of native advertising campaigns and execution. Have no fear - Native Mobile has a feed set up to display exactly that.

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