Native Advertising Roundup – April 4 2014


It’s a fast pace at Polar. Brand new research we read on Monday morning is lost in the shuffle by the time our backpacks are on our shoulders Friday evening as we head home. This is the reality of working in an exciting new field like native advertising. We are going to bet the same holds true for you. Marketers, publishers, and readers alike are searching for the straight talk about native ads, so every week we’ll aim to show you what we’re doing, what we’re reading, and why.


Amazon has appeared in this space before; we speculated last October on what sort of phone the online retailer might produce and how it would tie into the company's overarching native advertising efforts. The post is worth another look as Amazon announced Fire TV earlier this week, a set top box which ensures the company has a footprint in the living room – a space where an increasing number of transactions take place.

Amazon has its hands in as many pies these days: operating systems, ad inventory, gaming, television – it's hard to determine exactly what faction of their business Fire TV relates to, or a cunning plan to promote another unseen wing of the Amazon empire we've yet to foresee. James McQuivey, who is quoted in the New York Times piece linked above points out, "Amazon has a vested interest in making sure it is present at every moment of possible consumption."

Ad Age shed light on Instagram's plans for custom native ad units. Instead of the DIY ad-purchasing solution offered by parent company Facebook, the photo sharing site has a team pitching a high-level, high-engagement, and high-priced product to potential advertisers with prices rumoured to be almost $500k for a month long ad buy. This proves the point that native advertising is the new premium product of the publishing world, and best practices are starting to dictate a need for a sales team dedicated solely to sponsored content – especially with something as exclusive as this unit seems to be.

At Polar, we're often asked to point out great examples of native advertising execution. The quick answer has always been to check out what General Electric is doing. Digiday has made that easy with this look at the company's current and historical efforts in sponsored content, including their recent run on Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show.

Lastly, Polar pals PadSquad and Moat shared the good news that they'll be partnering to provide improved intelligence and analytics to PadSquad's clients. Advertiser's appearing on PadSquad's network of tablet and smartphone optimized sites can expect the top-tier metrics Moat has built their reputation at the completion of their campaigns.

As per Dan Meehan founder and CEO of Pad Squad: "The industry shift towards ad viewability metrics will impact the monetization of digital real estate and our early adoption of these practices adds significant value to our proposition."

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