B2B Publishers bet big on native advertising

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B2B publishers are winning over clients with new native advertising programs tailored to the unique needs for B2B content marketers. Based on the aggregate data of over 3 Billion native ads served on our platform this year, we have seen that native ad campaigns from B2B publishers outperform other verticals by a factor of 4 to 1.

A few of the B2B Publishers using MediaVoice to run native advertising include:

  • ALM (publisher of Law.com and 17 other verticals focused on the American Legal community)
  • Source Media (publisher of American Banker, Financial Planning and over 20 other financial focused sites)
  • TheStreet (publisher of its namesake, as well as TheDeal, Stockpickr, MainStreet and BankingMyWay focused on financial news)
  • Adweek (one the advertising industry’s largest B2B sites)
  • Haymarket Business Media (Brand Republic, PR Week, Marketing Magazine, Campaign among other marketing focused brands)
  • Haymarket Medical (verticals focused on the medical profession, including primary care and specialists)
  • PennWell (publisher of strategic global market news for more than 100 years, boasting more than 150 titles)
  • Foreign Policy (publisher of foreign affairs news and commentary for corporate, policymaker, and professional audiences)
  • NewBay Media (publisher of music, pro audio, video & broadcast, education and education verticals including Guitar Player)

B2B publishers see peaked interest from brands and marketers looking to interact with an engaged audience of highly targeted readers, who’s values and needs align with both the brands presenting the content, and the publication they are reading.

“We have seen B2B publishers rapidly adopt content marketing as it is proving a highly effective medium for B2B marketers to reach and engage with readers in more meaningful ways than display advertising”, says Sean Erjavec, Chief Revenue Officer, Polar.

Polar regularly benchmarks the performance and engagement of sponsored content campaigns based on aggregate data from MediaVoice, the industry’s leading native advertising platform. We are releasing our first-ever benchmarks based on how B2B publishers perform against their peers:

  • Traditional display ads typically have CTRs of 0.09%, yet B2B focused verticals boast a CTR 7x that.
  • On mobile, B2B achieves a 0.23% CTR and 40% more traffic compared to other verticals.
  • B2B does 70% better in CTR than B2C financial
  • B2B collections (grouping of sponsored content and stories) perform 57% better in CTR than single placements.
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Polar takes an active role in helping B2B publishers monetize and scale their native advertising business and sits as a proud member of the ABM (The Association of Business Information and Media Companies) and SIIA (Software and Information Industry Association).

Polar works with B2B associations’ digital councils to guide them to a better understanding of native ads. Initiatives include hosting webinars and conducing joint surveys. Recently, Polar’s Head of Market Strategy, Tony Vlismas, presented the Business of Native Advertising at the annual Business Information and Media Summit 2014 in Miami, Florida.

“We initially launched native advertising as a nice-to-have add-on for our clients,” says David Saabye, Vice President, Digital, ALM. “After a warm reception and instantaneous demand, we enlisted Polar to help us build Brand Perspectives (ALM’s sponsored content program) and it’s become a significant driver of digital revenue through out our entire portfolio of legal sites.”

A September 2014 ALM campaign for CPA Global focused on intellectual property budgeting saw a 2.35% CTR. ALM used MediaVoice to promote and serve the native creative across 18 publications, matching the look and feel of each individual site seamlessly.

Knowing their audience and content so intimately helped financial news publisher, TheStreet. With the help of Polar’s managed services offering and their own internal product team, they were was able to develop and go live with their sponsored content program in under 30 days encompassing advertiser-created articles, stories compiled by TheStreet, use of TheStreet’s HD video recording studios, and the option to conduct and release original research in partnership with the publisher. As Patrick Dignan, Vice President, TheStreet described to NewsAndTech their approach as “authentic, genuine, and relevant,” due to its credibility.

“One consistent challenge with implementing a successful native advertising program is matching advertisers with your audience,” says Erjavec. “B2B publications are set up to hit the ground running with sponsored content. They are intimately familiar with their niche audience and can present them as a package to potential advertisers with confidence.”

Visit polar.me/B2B and see why these publishers are going all-in on native.