Why this holiday season might be the perfect time for mobile native ads


The timely results from a recent holiday mobile shopping survey highlight why pushing native advertising on mobile is the right move for publishers this year.

The IAB's "Holiday Shopping in a Cross-Screen World" study was developed in partnership with Verizon and shows how assumptions about the week between the Christmas holiday and New Year's Eve are changing. In what was once thought of as a dead zone for advertising is quite the opposite, as males 18-34 are using new devices they received or purchased for the holiday and spending more time on the small screen.

Of particular note is the study's revelations of users perception of advertising they've seen. 92 percent of U.S. smartphone users claim to having seen holiday advertisements prior to Thanksgiving across a variety of media channels, yet less than a third (29%) said they had specifically seen holiday-related ads on their phones during the same time period.

One remedy to this imbalance might be native advertising. According to Polar's recent benchmarks for native ads on mobile, smaller screen devices boast a 57 percent better click-through-rate and 33 percent better engagement. One can speculate that consumer perception of holiday advertising on mobile could be due to banner blindness. Publishers and brands pushing comprehensive sponsored content campaigns will leave a more lasting impression on consumers, especially if it is formatted specifically for the screen they're using. And,  as the IAB says in their release: "This provides a solid opportunity for advertisers to reach consumers via mobile who are already primed to spend."

Other interesting findings from the survey show mobile devices factor in greatly in purchasing decisions in person and online. Read the IAB's release and check out the complete study at http://programs.precisionmarketinsights.com/IABHoliday

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