The Impression - Publisher News For Nov 18 2015

Publishing and technology move at a faster pace than ever. Brand new research we see Monday morning is lost in the shuffle by the time we head home Friday evening. We bet the same holds true for you. Marketers, publishers, and readers alike are searching for the straight talk about publishing, advertising, technology, and the combination of all three. These are the stories which left an impression on us this week.


Publisher2020 In London

The Polar team converged in London this week for workshops with our customers and roundtables with publishing leaders discussing the media landscape in the year 2020.

Publishers ‘Discovering’ New Ways To Use Snapchat

As Snapchat grows its user-base and viewability metrics, publishers are increasingly looking to use the social platform as a distribution model, not unlike Twitter and Facebook. The traditional avenue for this has been through the Discover channel - Snapchat’s ad product focused on sponsored content. Unfortunately, not all publishers have the bandwidth or amount of access they need to take advantage of the platform and Lucia Moses at Digiday highlights how some of them are circumventing the official channel for their own needs within the app.

Johnston Beats Blockers

Johnston Press has launched Voice Local – their new native advertising service which they say is unaffected by ad blocking. Ad-blocking is a new, but constant threat for publishers and the marketers and advertisers looking to reach publishers’ audiences, and in these early days native content can get lost in the ad-tech stack. With Johnston’s approach, advertiser’s of all sizes of markets can launch effective sponsored content campaigns, with the assurance their digital team has made visible to any of their readers.

Viewability Will Rule in 2016: The Drum

This lengthy but essential piece from The Drum’s Ronan Shields details why viewability is a discussion that is still open and thriving in the world of digital advertising. Focused on the UK market, all the issues in this piece are still relevant to a global audience as it charts Facebook, Google, and other advertising giants in the measurement they provide versus the metrics the industry craves. Video, reducing discrepancies, and unifying measurement will be top of mind for most publishers in the new year.

Refinery29 Uses Text To Boost Video Views

Keeping readers focused on long auto-playing videos in an infinitely scrolling landscape has proven a challenge for the even the savviest content creators but Refinery29 has seen success with a very novel approach: subtitles. While publishers are focusing their Facebook video strategy on bite-size 30-second clips, some of Refinery29’s content in excess of 5 minutes is getting 20-plus million views thanks to a subtitle strategy forged from aggressive A/B testing.