Why does average time spent on branded content change in Q4?


Average Time Spent with branded content has decreased 9% in Q1-2016 over Q1-2015 and publishers want to know why. By analyzing the data from our partners' 2000+ Publisher Brands, 6000+ Campaigns, and 45,000+ Creatives, Polar has found examined the historical data around time spent for the past 5 quarters for our State Of Branded Content Benchmarks & Insights.

 Premium Native Impressions Per Creative.

 Premium Native Impressions Per Creative.

From Q1-2015 onwards engagement numbers spike as compared to previous quarters. This is correlated with less campaigns being executed during Q1 traditionally, thereby reducing user fatigue.Time spent decreased 21% from Q1-15 to Q4-15, likely due to an increase in the volume of branded campaigns. Q4 especially encapsulates the entire holiday advertising cycle, thus flooding the market with new entrants in the branded content space, not familiar with how to keep an audience engaged.

Given the slow Q1 starts for sponsored content, average-time-spent has remained remarkably consistent in the past year, as publishers refine their programs and display their expertise in the native promotional format.

This compares well with Polar's State Of Premium Native Benchmarks, which show a spike in impressions for Q4 native campaigns. Q4-2015 saw almost 300,000 impressions per creative, owing to the sheer volume of campaigns served on the platform at that ad heavy period.