Day 1 @ BlackBerry's Developers Conference

Yesterday BlackBerry-maker Research In Motion kicked off their annual developers conference in San Francisco, California, where we took an active role, both as a presenter on the main stage and as an exhibitor.RIM provided a clear vision for the future of their development platform and it did resonate with existing developers. It showed strong alignment with what we've come to expect, such as the use of html5, an emphasis on tools and the support through a real community.

RIM also shared success stories of profitable developers with millions of downloads, which is the right approach to build excitement about the revenue opportunity for businesses on BlackBerry.

The message was clear: developers are able to make money on their platform and their new operating system will make it easy for developers to develop for future devices. This will help retain existing developers and it remains to be seen when we will see new developers joining the platform.

Attracting new developers is going to be a must for RIM to stay relevant in a rapidly growing App ecosystem where developers are being exposed to more options every day.

Consumers have spoken; they are purchasing new hardware, either smartphones or tablets, based on the App and content ecosystem available. Having devices that are fast and powerful is the minimum requirement for any handset manufacturer to be a player in the ecosystem. RIM will need to attract developers to provide a compelling ecosystem of Apps on their future generation devices in order to attract consumers.

BBX provides a platform to address the pain many existing BlackBerry developers have faced.  It aims to provide the promise of a platform that is easy to develop which should attract new developers.

For more on RIM’s announcements at DevCon watch our TV interview on BNN:

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