Success in Mobile Means Adapting to the Changing Market

Mobile is easily one of the hottest and fastest growing markets today and 2011 will go down in history as one of the most memorable years for our industry. This space is changing fast and here are 5 major industry moves that we would have not have predicted 12-18 months ago. 

1-Google buys Motorola for $12 Billion: led by an urgency for Google to build a robust patent portfolio in mobile, this acquisition felt as though it came out of nowhere, but is just now starting to make sense (for some people).


2-RIM market-share falls drastically in the US: the BlackBerry maker held the #1 position in the US one year ago, now sitting at #3 with the trend pointing only downward.


3-HP kills WebOS: they purchased Palm for $1 Billion last summer and with the recent announcement to kill all WebOS smartphones and tablets, investors must be scratching their heads wondering what went wrong here.


4-Nokia teams up with Microsoft: the largest handset vendor in the world realized they were on a "burning platform" and made a drastic change in their strategy to tap into what they hope will be a more robust ecosystem of Apps and developers.


5-Steve Jobs leaves Apple: although we all knew Steve's fate, it is still difficult to believe, first him stepping down and now his passing. His leadership for not only Apple, but for everyone in the market will be missed.


Experiencing these changes in the past 9 months alone, all at a time with general economic instability globally, leads to only one conclusion: change is happening fast and is difficult to predict.


What makes us think we can predict the future? We can't. But what we can do is prepare for it, which means ensuring your organization and team are able, ready and willing to adapt when needed. Organizations that prepare themselves to adapt to the changing market conditions are those best positioned for continued growth and success!