Follow the Numbers

October was a busy month in technology, as it usually is.  That said, I want to bring to your attention an update to the ‘Internet Trends’ presentation given by Mary Meeker – a document I have made reference to every week since it came out, including this week.Here is the YouTube video of the presentation:

And the full slide deck for your reference:

Some mobile-related highlights worth considering:

Smartphone penetration

We have reached a tipping point, earlier than had been predicted, where shipments of smartphones in North America and Western Europe out-sold feature phones.  The rate of growth of the app economy will accelerate in these markets, due to this uptick.

Mobile commerce

Once considered the holy grail of mobile monetization, mobile commerce of real goods is picking up in a meaningful way, to the tune of billions of dollars.  We are reaping the benefit of the technology and trust built over the past few years, and every digital destination will be able to take advantage of this.

Time spent vs. ad spend

It is a known phenomenon that advertisers like to spend money to reach audiences where they are, but there is a lag in time before money moves into more valuable spaces.  Pay attention to this movement of money – it tells you how big of a market is developing and warns you about when it will hit in earnest.