Polar Mobile @ Startup Weekend Toronto

This past weekend, Michael Russo (Polar’s CTO, @mjrusso) and I attended the third installment of Startup Weekend Toronto.  Though neither of us had attended this event in the past, so many of our friends recommended that Polar participated as a sponsor.Needless to say for anyone that has participated at this event in any of its previous editions or worldwide franchises, it really is awe-inspiring.  To have a group of people that pitch, create and present an entire startup over the course of one weekend is something small and big businesses alike can learn from.

As a local company, we also took note that this event is also important to our fair city.  In fact, a first-time attendee at the event sent me this note afterward:

“Before attending SW Toronto, I was convinced that I needed to move to San Francisco or NY to benefit from the wonderful entrepreneurial communities there. Now I am confident that Toronto has great talent, activity and community support too...”

For those continuing to pursue their startup from this past weekend, happy building.  For everyone else, we’ll see you all on the next iteration.