Keeping Mobile Readers Coming Back for More

Mobile engagement continues to be a hot button issue in the industry.  With over a million apps available for download on the major smartphone platforms and only a handful of developers making meaningful revenue from their products, it’s no surprise the conversation has gone back to retaining the mobile users after initial download.A recent article  also covering the topic explains with the graphic below that in order to make reading more compelling, app developers must put cues in place, which then makes reading part of the user’s routine, rewarding the user and continuing the cycle with another cue.

At Polar, we believe that this type of pattern can be utilized with any type of content in order to create an active and engaged community of app users. One way in which an app provides the cue aspect is through push notifications, which prompt users to open the app when there is new content available. These notifications are typically able to be personalized which further entices readers to come back since they have personally set the notification.

A company who does a great job of utilizing the Cue, Routine, Reward three-step process to engage readers is Kobo, a hardware and software business for readers of digital books and magazines.

Kobo created a community called Reading Life for their users, which rewards its readers using ‘awards’ based on reading habits. These awards can then be shared with friends via Facebook or Twitter to encourage friendly competition. This not only encourages readers to keep coming back to earn more awards, but also encourages conversation and a sense of community among Kobo’s readers.

Have you recently used an app that had good examples of built-in features that kept you coming back? We'd love to hear about your experience in the comments section below.

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