This Week's Top Digital Media Stories - Week of October 12th

See below for our roundup of the digital media links you may have missed this week:Digital First Isn't an Option for Media - It's the Only Way Forward As some members of the traditional publishing industry continue to struggle with the disruption caused by the internet, others argue that a 'digital first' approach could work to save the industry. The reality is much harsher - shifting focus to digital may be the only hope the industry has.

Report: The State of Mobile Advertising A comprehensive presentation, compiled by BI Intelligence, delves into the smartphone and tablet industry, usage trends, as well as emerging mobile advertising strategies. A key topic discussed is the reasoning behind why mobile CPMS remain low and how the ad experience can be improved on mobile.

One-in-Ten 'Dual-Screened' the Presidential Debate The majority of Americans (along with lots of Canadians!) watched coverage of the first presidential debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney earlier this week, including 56% of Americans who tuned in to watch the debate live. Unsurprisingly, the majority of real-time viewers watched the debate on television, with 11% of live watchers also being 'dual screeners'; following coverage on a computer or mobile device at the same time.

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