This Week's Top Digital Media Stories - Week of November 2nd

Our top 3 can’t miss digital media links from the past week:The Disruption of Education: How Technology is Helping Students Teach Themselves Social networking and mobile aren’t just disruptive to the publishing and media industries, they also have the potential to be instrumental to changing the way students learn. What effect will they have on the way education is delivered in North America and globally?

The Very Long Tail - How Magazines Could Make Their Archives Sing Gramophone magazine has chosen to 'digitise' all 1,000 editions of its legacy (about 110,000 pages!) for its web and app subscribers. This model has the potential to light the way for content publishers, who are looking for ways to monetize their existing content and may be sitting on an archive gold mine.


The iPad Mini’s Cannibalization Effects: Overpowering Or Overblown? The iPad Mini has the potential to disrupt the tablet industry, or at the very least create a new niche market of 'mini' tablets. Some analysts are arguing that it also has the potential to cannibalize Apple's existing iPad market. One analyst in particular suggests that the iPad Mini could poach close to 50 percent of the existing iPad market.