Why Mobile Should Matter to Publishers

Gone are the days of dropping a quarter in the newspaper box to get the news. Today it's the consumers that are in charge of how they consume media. And it's for this reason that all publishers need to take notice: Your customers are mobile. Is your content?

Don't believe me? Let's have a look at some stats from around the industry...

Over 1B mobile devices shipped:

Gartner shows that today smartphone shipments are almost double that of personal computers (800MM vs 450MM respectively). Combine the 150MM tablets and mobile devices are outpacing computers. Estimates show PCs are flattening while smartphone and tablets continue to increase exponentially.

Mobile used over 3x as much as print:

How does that relate to how consumers consume media by medium? On Device Research shows us that your customers (on average) consume media in the printed medium 44 minutes per day, compared to almost three times that amount on mobile (144 minutes). Clearly consumers are shifting to mobiles to get their news.

Mobile is the second screen:

Lastly, over at Google they tell us that although broadcast is still strong, 77% of viewers are coupling their TV watching with another device. Of those people, 34% are using a PC while 49% – no surprise – are using a smartphone.

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