Mobile site vs Mobile app

I have an app. Why would I need a mobile website?

It's a question I hear often and there are several reasons. But I'm going to give you my most powerful response:

  • Open your Twitter app and click any link that your friend has shared.
  • Open a curation app like StumbleUpon, a shopping app like Fancy, or a fellow or FlipBook and click an article.
  • Scroll to the bottom of almost any news article and click one of the links that the recommendation engine provides.
  • Open up Bing (or Google, if you prefer), search for something that makes you happy, and follow the first result.
  • Open your mail app and click a link in anyone's signature.

What do all these have in common? Each and every article opened up in a mobile browser (either in a native browser or the app's browser card). They didn't launch the app. Just the mobile site.

And  what happens when you click a link and go to a website that doesn't look good on your smartphone or tablet? You click the back button.

That's why you need a mobile site.

About the author: Tony Vlismas is the Senior Director of Marketing at Polar Mobile.