AdTruth VP James Lamberti drops by Polar

  James Lamberti has worked in ad tech, mobile, and marketing for almost 20 years, with stints at InMobi, and comScore, and Clorox. Currently, James is Vice President and General Manager of AdTruth, the digital media division of 41st Parameter, and sits on Polar’s board of directors. James recently say down with Kunal and team… Read more »

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B2B Publishers bet big on native advertising

B2B publishers are winning over clients with new native advertising programs tailored to the unique needs for B2B content marketers. Based on the aggregate data of over 3 Billion native ads served on our platform this year, we have seen that native ad campaigns from B2B publishers outperform other verticals by a factor of 4… Read more »

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The Globe and Mail’s native ad engagement outperforms global benchmarks according to data provided by Polar

November 12, 2014 (Toronto, ON) – After six months of working and refining their sponsored content program, The Globe and Mail – Canada’s National Newspaper – bests industry standards for engagement in native advertising. By working with MediaVoice, Polar’s powerful native advertising platform, the publisher has the technical tools to accompany their aggressive sponsored content… Read more »


How do you approach disclosure in native advertising?

When creating a sponsored content program, one of the biggest challenges for publishers is agreeing on what constitutes the right amount of disclosure for their native advertising. Leaders in publishing go back and forth with their staff, pouring over aggregate data – like that found in our refreshed benchmarks – and determine exactly how to label their… Read more »


Why the banner is dead (on mobile)

By Kunal Gupta, CEO, Polar. A version of this post appeared on Mobile Marketer. With the release by Apple of the iPhone 6 Plus, publishers are seemingly excited as they think the news will encourage marketers to more seriously consider advertising on mobile devices. I think not, as the banner is dead on mobile, and here’s why:… Read more »

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Polar and Moat Partner to Bring Viewability and Other Metrics to Native

November 4, 2014 (New York, NY) – Polar (www.polar.me), makers of MediaVoice, the platform trusted by many of the world’s largest publishers to create, serve, and scale their native advertising, and Moat (www.moat.com), a SaaS analytics company focused on building products for brand advertisers and premium publishers, have partnered to provide analytics to premium publishers… Read more »


B2B native ads and sponsored content takes off

Based on data from MediaVoice, Polar’s powerful native advertising platform, and our large stable of successful partner premium publishers (Washington Post, Globe and Mail, Huffington Post, Slate, Hearst, Conde Nast, Bloomberg, News Corp and more), we’re seeing business-to-business (B2B)-focused sections and publications outperforming other verticals in key metrics with their sponsored content programs. Data from our brand new… Read more »


4 big threats native advertising faces in 2015

By Kunal Gupta, CEO, Polar. A version of this post appeared on Venture Beat. Recently I’ve been hosting roundtable discussions over dinner in New York and London with publishing executives who are betting big that native advertising will drive major revenue growth in 2015 for their businesses. We often end up debating what the biggest… Read more »

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How are leaders in native ads approaching paid amplificaiton?

Wayne Cambell knows amplification: “You know how these things start…one guy tells another guy something, then he tells two friends, and they tell two friends, and they tell their friends, and so on, and so on…” Native ads are evolving and the next logical step is paid amplification. The leaders in sponsored content are carefully… Read more »


Lunch-bag burglary: The top 5 social networks killing it in native ads

With this past weekend’s news of Snapchat introducing native advertising to it’s photo sharing app, we’re reminded again of Polar CEO Kunal Gupta’s early prediction regarding social networks: They’re going to eat publishers’ lunch when it comes to ad dollars from here on in. Native advertising is proving to be a marketers most desired avenue… Read more »


Are We There Yet? Smart publishers hit conclusion with native & mobile monetization

By Tony Vlismas, Head of Market Strategy, Polar – A version of this post appeared in PerformanceIn. Last year, I saw a consistent theme run throughout opinion pieces from leaders in native advertising and publishing – that sponsored content was the answer publishers sought in their pursuit of mobile monetization. As the format matures, storylines… Read more »