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MediaVoice is used by premium publishers around the world to create, present, service, and report their direct-sold native ad programs.


Native ads in the wild, powered by MediaVoice, direct-sold by Huffington Post, Forbes, and The Washington Post (respectively).
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How does MediaVoice work?


See improvement in your native ad performance.


MediaVoice aims to make you more efficient: that’s why publishers who use MediaVoice see a 2x increase in performance. This means more page views for your brand’s sponsored content. And by integrating with your existing ad server, publishers benefit from advance targeting (including audience segments), best-in-breed optimization algorithms, and creative rotation.


Mobile monetization: Solved.

More and more readers are going mobile to consumer their content. Traditional ads don't make their way to the small screens, but native ads do!

MediaVoice offers cross-platform support for running native ad on mobile sites, and an SDK to run native ads directly in your iOS and Android apps.


Full control over presentation and content creation.

No cookie-cutter or templates here. You have full control over the user experience using HTML and CSS, and infinite amount of ad units anywhere on your site, with easy script integration.

And don’t stop at text because MediaVoice supports images, videos, and our exclusive Collection units.


Reporting that matters.

Everything you need to tell the story, available at your fingertips:


Web and





Create workflow automation
and operational scale.

Not all platforms are built equally. Because MediaVoice offers the best integration with your existing CMS and ad server, meaning you can leverage your existing processes and systems (or use our CMS). What’s more, our platform allows your creative to be dynamically rendered which leaves your ad ops team time to flight and optimize, instead of worrying about pixels.

Ad server support includes Google DoubleClick (DFP), Mocean, 24/7, ADTECH, OpenX, and FreeWheel.

Existing CMS

Existing Teams

Existing Ad Server

Existing Processes


Maximize your Native Fill.

Your direct-sold and a single native demand network may not have enough inventory to fill 100%, resulting in a loss of potential revenue. 

With Polar, we can add multiple native demand networks to fill more inventory, have them compete for your click, and increase both your fill and revenue.


You're never alone with Polar.


With Polar Go, you’ll get the professional support you need to launch successfully and get to market faster. Our team will work with you to formulate your specific requirements, and each of your respective teams will receive all the training they need.


With Polar Academy, you’ll have access to workshops, program insights, exclusive industry benchmarks, and consulting services that only Polar can deliver.

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