Why was Publisher 2020 formed?

Many publishers are forced to focus on the short-term ("this quarter" or "next quarter"). Only looking at what's happening today versus what could happen tomorrow (5 years from now versus 5 days from now) is the primary reason publishers have been disrupted by technology (and the digital Goliaths who use technology as a weapon and to unlock super powers).


What is the goal of the initiative?

To establish a formal senior publisher-based program to encourage conversation and action to overcome some of the largest challenges facing premium publishers on the road to 2020.


Why focus on the year 2020?

By 2020, the number of global internet users will double to 5-billion, the number of internet connected devices will increase five-fold to 50-billion, online commerce will increase from 1-trillion to 7-trillion and over $100-billion of new ad spend will enter into digital. How will publishers survive, and thrive in an exponentially changing world? It starts by increasing awareness of what may happen and what the driving market forces could be.


What is Publisher 2020?

Currently, there are two components of Publisher 2020; with several more in development.

Community: On the march to 2020, the pace of change is unlike anything we have seen in the past century-- the rate of disruption across content, revenue and distribution threatens the core of the publishing world. Macro trends are already impact publishing and micro trends are beginning to attack publishers’ revenues and livelihood.

Publisher 2020 enables senior leaders and decision makers in publishing to get out of their day-to-day and collaborate with other industry leaders to identify and prepare for the impacts that could derail their futures, if they are not prepared.

With guidance from Publisher 2020’s 22 Founding Members , this premium publisher Community possess a proactive voice in the industry to protect, fortify and grow publishers’ business. The sub-Community of Directors and Above from global publishers will regularly come together virtually and physically to discuss and debate the ever-changing landscape via quarterly roundtables, read-outs and webinars.

Content: Topic areas relevant to Modern Publishers that require thought, research, opinions and development are born through the Community roundtables and webinars. Topic areas will fall within Content, Revenue and Distribution; and will be focused on creating actionable insights from the sessions to strengthen the entire industry. There are numerous pieces of content in development, sign up here to receive content as it’s released.

All content is made available to the Community first, then released shortly thereafter to the broader Industry registrants.    Please note that in 2016, full “Benchmarks” data will only be available to Polar customers; however, the Publisher 2020 Community will receive quarterly Benchmarks snapshots.

Who can join?

Publishers can join the community, but industry watchers can register to receive content and information that comes out of the community. Request an invitation and/or register here. Also, you can join the conversation with the community @publisher2020 on Twitter.


Who has joined?

We quietly launched in mid-November 2015. Since that time, nearly 75 leaders at publishers/ media companies throughout the globe are in the community, plus the 22 Founding Members.


Who are the Founding Members?

Twenty leaders have stepped forward as the Founding Members of Publisher 2020. The full list of Founding Members are listed on the Publisher 2020 site and they bring diverse backgrounds and incredible forward-thinking to the Publishing Industry. They represent Publishers from around the globe (US, Canada, UK, Germany and Australia) ensuring the broader Community benefits from lessons learned in numerous geographies.


What can the industry expect to see?

The industry can expect to see on-going multimedia content. The content will include 1st and 3rd party content on trends, videos to summarize industry change, white-papers with direct Publisher commentary, etc. The industry can sign up to receive this content here.


Who is leading Publisher 2020?

The program is guided by the Founding Members; executed by Polar on behalf of the global publishing community. But it is not about Polar, this is about a Community of thought leaders who are paving the way for publisher success.


How do I sign up to receive information?

Anyone in the industry can sign up to receive information from the Publisher 2020 Community, but only invited Community members can attend the Publisher 2020 events.


Who can I contact for more details?

Feel free to contact marketing.team@polar.me for more information.


I’m a member of the press and I’d like to talk with someone about the program. Who do I contact?

Feel free to contact marketing.team@polar.me and someone will get back to you as quickly as possible. Please indicate if you are on deadline in your correspondence.


How can I attend Publisher 2020 events?

As the conversations in the events, particularly the Roundtables and Read-outs, are senior and specific; these events are currently invitation-only.  Webinars are available and communicated directly to the full Publisher 2020 Community.

All content is made available to the Community first, then it is released shortly thereafter to the broader Industry registrants.


Why is Polar Involved?

The publishing industry is under attack from many sides.  We don’t have all the answers, but the first step in solving massive industry challenges is to encourage difficult conversations.  Publisher 2020 is forcing all of us to take a long-term view about the opportunities and threats for publishers. This conversation leads to greater collaboration, networks, problem-solving, solutions, and actions.

Polar facilitates the in-person and virtual discussions; therefore, Polar leads on the content creation and partners with the community on development and distribution.


What gives Polar permission to facilitate the 2020 conversation with publishers?

We have been having this conversation with publishers for the past six months and our closed-door, senior discussions are well-received.  

We understand content and technology, really well, and we have a vested interest to see publishers succeed in the future. Polar has powered premium publishers for more than eight years--Polar’s entire focus is publisher-success and from our place in the industry, we can share data, best practices and future trends we are seeing emerge in the market.