August 2016 | 40-Page Report

Q2 Benchmarks: Branded Content Performance is the first-of-its-kind report examining not only click-through rates (CTR) and average time spent (ATS), but analyzing how branded content is performing across different device types, publisher verticals and geographies.

Key findings for publishers:

  • Campaign Benchmarks
  • Branded Content Views
  • Performance by Device
  • Performance by Geography
  • Performance by Publisher Vertical


July 2016 | 49-Page Whitepaper

Polar examined 65 of our partner websites, containing 137 native ad placements and 67 unique styles within to present a comprehensive look at how publishers approach disclosure in branded content and native placements. With this research we can confidently present an industry first look at The State of Native Disclosure.

Key findings for publishers:

  • State of FTC Guidelines
  • Disclosure Term Analysis
  • Number of Disclosure Terms
  • Native Format Design Elements

Business of Branded Content-Image


June 2016 | 22-Page Whitepaper

The Business of Branded Content showcases fresh perspectives on the challenges and opportunities publishers now face. Surveying publishers across several verticals and geographies, this report provides a robust examination of the business side of branded content.

Key findings for publishers:

  • Sales and Revenue
  • Pricing and Packaging
  • Content Creation, Distribution and
  • Performance Metrics and Renewals
  • Business Challenges

A Publisher's Guide
Premium And Programmatic Native

May 2016 | 20-Page Whitepaper

Based on customer interviews and industry trends,  A Publisher's Guide | Premium and Programmatic Native defines both formats, details the differences between the two, shows their advantages and drawbacks, and provides advice for publishers approaching both methods.

Key findings for publishers:

  • Reserve premium inventory for the promotion of branded content
  • Keep programs in-house to create more value
  • Use caution when choosing programmatic partners
  • Enable mediation of programmatic sources