An Examination Of The Business Side Of Branded Content, Showcasing Fresh Perspectives On The Challenges And Opportunities Publishers Now Face

June 2016 | 22-Page Whitepaper

The Business of Branded Content showcases fresh perspectives on the challenges and opportunities publishers now face. Surveying publishers across several verticals and geographies, this report provides a robust examination of the business side of branded content.

Shading Boosts CTR

Key Findings for Publishers:

  • Sales and Revenue: 81% of publishers surveyed sell branded content programs to media agencies.
  • Pricing and Packaging: CPV is the fastest growing pricing model with almost 50% of publishers pricing branded content based on views.
  • Content Creation and Distribution: 3 out of 4 publishers leverage paid social media to drive traffic to branded content.
  • Performance Metrics and Renewals: 95% of clients measure success by the number of pageviews for content.
  • Business Challenges: 56% of publishers cited pre-sales talent is the top need for scaling branded content business.

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