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Slate serves 100-million native ads
in 30 days with Polar.

When it was time for Slate to ramp their in-house creative agency, SlateCustom, they needed a platform that would provide the power, flexibility, scalability, and feature set that would take them to the next level. With an eye on multi-creative campaigns, content amplification, and integrated DFP ad-serving technology, they turned to Polar’s MediaVoice. Together Slate has served over 100-million native advertising impressions in their first month.

With MediaVoice’s world-class reporting capabilities, Slate was able to verify that their mobile homepage native promotional placement gets a CTR well above that of a standard display ad and 33 percent higher than desktop placements of the same material. Also, 35% of Slate’s native ads are shared on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook.

“Polar’s commitment to scalability echos ours. When we initially started our native advertising program a few years ago, we were publishing directly through the CMS. This is great for perfectly mimicking the editorial workflow; less ideal for mimicking the deep reporting and analytics an ad served solution can provide. Understanding reader flow and headline performance is critical to achieving meaningful, quality scale for branded content.”

- Lindsay Nelson, Vice President of Integrated Programs, Slate


Slate was impressed with MediaVoice’s ability to integrate seamlessly with their existing CMS to pull the custom content and then serve it using their existing DoubleClick ad-server, as well as its comprehensive set of reporting tools. This not only helps Slate drive more traffic to their content campaigns with native distribution, but allows them to further examine what campaigns, placements, and headlines are working. It also provides the ability to strategically align branded content with relevant editorial, and geo-target campaigns to specific markets. This was especially useful in the University of California “Breakthrough” series aimed at residents of the college system’s home state.

Client demand has matched Slate’s excitement with custom content representing over 40% of their revenue. Their sponsored content program has featured partner brands such as Prudential, Audi, and Paypal and have taken home numerous awards for their “Tomorrow Today” initiative with Lexus and last year’s “Roadshow for Growth” with GE Capital. 

By focusing on the exponential reach they can provide brands, and scaling those efforts with MediaVoice, Slate is seeing the big picture when it comes to the future of publishing and native advertising. Together with Polar, they’ve set SlateCustom up to be the watermark by which other content studios should measure themselves.



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