How Being Fearless With New Challenges Leads To Growth

September 15, 2017

This month we are recognizing Greg Bella as our Growth MVP.

Growth MVP is an initiative where we highlight someone on our team who has personally shown initiative to seek new responsibilities, skills, and experiences that contribute to their own professional or personal growth. We are fostering a culture that promotes Growth & Development as a core value.

Greg joined the Polar team 18 months ago, coming from the e-commerce industry with no prior experience or background in publishing, media or advertising. He has grown tremendously and has been quick to learn a new industry. The publishing world we live in is unique and our partners turn to us often to help them navigate the market which is ever changing. Greg has taken up this new challenge well and found valuable ways to shape our position in the market.

We are particularly proud of our own content marketing program, our partners regularly recognize and appreciate the insights, perspectives, and data we share consistently. Greg has been at the centre of this program, leading our small team, to consistently deliver high-quality content that is valuable, unique and relevant for our partners. And as we are still a small business, he has been efficient and resourceful with our execution.

Greg was recently promoted to Vice President of Marketing and has taken on additional responsibilities, leading and engaging with our partners more directly to understand their needs and using that increased awareness to influence our go-to-market programs.

He is counted on as a key leader in helping shape and organize several talent initiatives, including our recent Polar Summit. Summits happen a few times per year, where we invite our global team members and select partners to spend a week with us in Toronto.

Thank you Greg for your leadership and you are an example for the rest of us why we should not being scared to take on new challenges, as it contributes to our own growth and development.


Kunal Gupta is the Founder & CEO of Polar. Follow his leadership blog at At Polar, Kunal leads a talented team transforming the media publishing industry with technology. He is passionate about leadership and finding focus in a modern era. Connect with him on LinkedIn, Medium or Twitter.




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