Fearless To Learn: Growth MVP At Polar

July 10, 2017

Growth MVP is an initiative to recognize specific people on my team who have shown leadership to invest in their own professional or personal growth. Growth is one of our core values at Polar and 91% of our team is here because Growth & Development is important to them. Here is what my team values and how I found out.

Today I’m recognizing Terry Dellino as a Growth MVP.

Terry joined Polar almost three years ago when he moved from Montreal to Toronto. His lively personality and energy is always appreciated in the office, he takes an interest in his team mates’ personal lives and hobbies, and has something to say about everything which is always fun!

Professionally, he has shown technical leadership with the development of the user interface for our platform, focusing on React as a toolkit and programming language. He has been active in evangelizing it within our team, teaching others, building prototypes in his spare time and proactively looking for implementation options and frameworks that benefit the platform.

He wants to see us continue to make the platform better and is bringing new proposals forward for upgrades and improvements. And on other projects being led by his peers, he is a quick to adopt new changes and works constructively with the lead to make things better.

One of our values at Polar is fearlessness and Terry has been fearless in receiving feedback. His openness to learning, improving and growing as a professional is admirable.

Thanks Terry for setting an example for all of us, keep it up!


Kunal Gupta is the Founder & CEO of Polar. Follow his leadership blog at findfocus.today. At Polar, Kunal leads a talented team transforming the media publishing industry with technology. He is passionate about leadership and finding focus in a modern era. Connect with him on LinkedIn, Medium or Twitter.

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