[Infographic] How Branded Content Performs Around The World

November 01, 2016

Across the globe, publishers from different countries and geographic regions are rapidly expanding and evolving their branded content business. Aggregate data from Polar’s worldwide customer base of more than 100 premium publishers, and 2000-plus websites gives us a robust view into how these different programs are maturing in their respective markets.

Continental Europe (excluding the UK) saw click-through-rates of 0.55% in Q3-2016 – that’s 66 percent higher than the global average and 77 percent growth over Q2-2016! The MENA region (Middle East, Northern Africa) also saw tremendous growth in engagement time: 3 minutes and 33 seconds was the average time spent (or dwell time) for branded content in the region. That’s 52 percent higher than the global average and almost 50 percent growth from the previous quarter.

The following infographic highlights just some of the regions Polar’s Q3 Benchmarks report covers. Need to see analysis on how branded content performs across different device types, publisher verticals and the rest of the geographies not shown below? Head here to download the full report.



JULY 2017

Polar’s Snapshot of Global Branded Content Performance presents the complete picture for major markets and publishers this past quarter.