This Month We Are Recognizing Albert Lam As Our Growth MVP

October 6, 2017

Growth MVP is an initiative where we highlight someone on our team who has personally shown initiative to seek new responsibilities, skills, and experiences that contribute to their own professional or personal growth. We are fostering a culture that promotes Growth & Development as a core value.

Don’t be fooled by Albert’s young looking face, he’s a veteran at Polar. He joined our team shortly after we started the business in 2008 and continues to be a rock for the team along the journey that we are all on together. He started in project management and client services with Polar and then transitioned successfully into product management. Albert’s fingerprints are all over our platform.

We are in Beta with a new solution (which will be announced next year) that Albert has played a critical role in shaping. I have seen him take ownership of new relationships externally, be fearless while learning a new part of the industry and research relentlessly the market to inform the product direction. All while continuing his day job of moving our roadmap forward.

What I have come to admire about Albert is that he is aware of what he may not know, and is not afraid to admit it. And then do something about it! He is curious, is open to learning and takes a beginner’s mind to new problems which has served him well (over the 12 years I’ve known him now).

Albert has also shown great initiative in helping strengthen our global culture. He is currently co-hosting our semi-weekly team-wide Spotlight series, has taken an interest in increasing our team’s overall awareness of the market and making sure everyone at Polar has fun along the way. We appreciate the energy, enthusiasm and excitement Albert brings to our culture.

Thank you Albert for setting a high bar for all of us. Keep it up!


Kunal Gupta is the Founder & CEO of Polar. Follow his leadership blog at At Polar, Kunal leads a talented team transforming the media publishing industry with technology. He is passionate about leadership and finding focus in a modern era. Connect with him on LinkedIn, Medium or Twitter.




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