Q2 Branded Content Benchmarks: Mobile Outperforms Desktop AGAIN

July 10, 2017

With Q2 at a close, we can now take a look at the aggregate trends of premium branded content performance. Polar’s latest Benchmarks Report provides a complete analysis and performance breakdown across major markets including Australia, United Kingdom and United States. But first, let’s take a closer look at mobile and why it’s strong performance is defining digital branded content strategies this year.

Global Aggregate Trends

The global average click-through rate (CTR) to branded content was 0.23% in Q2 while average engagement time with branded content (ATS) was 1 minute and 37 seconds. As with the previous quarter, the bigger story is the strong performance of branded content on mobile. Mobile has become an increasingly important, if not vital, cog in the publisher revenue machine.

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For many publishers, overall mobile traffic now exceeds 50 percent, especially when factoring additional audiences coming from other mobile platforms like Apple News, Facebook Instant Articles and Google’s AMP. A few highlights:

  • Mobile CTR was 22 percent higher than the global average across all devices, and 33 percent higher than desktop.
  • Mobile ATS was 38 percent higher than the global average, and 116 percent higher than desktop.


Mobile CTR and ATS performance was above the overall global average for almost all major branded content markets.

  • UK had a below average mobile CTR, yet boasted the longest dwell times on mobile compared to any other region and 27 percent higher than the global average.  
  • Mobile ATS matched or beat all comparative desktop performances for the US, UK and Australian markets.

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Global trends suggest mobile is quickly becoming the primary driver of views to branded content, with. Desktop-driven views continue to decrease on a proportional scale to overall growth.

  • Australia had the greatest proportion of mobile clicks at 66% – 32 percent greater than the global average.
  • US and UK dipped slightly below the global average, while the UK market is still maturing compared, the United States is on par with last quarter’s performance.

Polar’s newest benchmarks report brings to surface mobile trends, global performance, and campaign views distribution.

[Download Benchmarks] Q2 Branded Content Performance Benchmarks Report.


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Polar’s Snapshot of Global Branded Content Performance presents the complete picture for major markets and publishers this past quarter.