Q3 Branded Content Benchmarks: Mobile Accounts for 55% of Total Views

November 08, 2017

Q3 Branded Content Benchmark results are in and the data suggests mobile continues to be the main driver of views to branded content. Our benchmarks report presents a detailed look at global aggregate performance data, as well as specific performance for  Australia, United States, and United Kingdom.

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Global Aggregate Trends

CTR for branded content drivers (native ads) was 0.24% in Q3. The average time spent (ATS) engaging with branded  content was 1 minute and 48 seconds. Overall, CTR improved by 4 percent and ATS improved by 11 percent from Q2, 2017. As with the first half of 2017, the big story is centered on the strong performance of branded content on mobile.

  • Mobile CTR was 39 percent higher than the global average across all devices, and 86 percent higher than desktop.
  • Mobile engagement time was 21 percent higher than the global average, and 62 percent higher than desktop.

Mobile Performance Highlights

Mobile CTR increased roughly 21 percent to 0.34% from the previous quarter. Average time spent on mobile was consistent with the previous quarter, remaining at 2 minutes and 10 seconds.

  • Mobile ATS beat all comparative desktop performances for the US, UK and Australian markets.
  • Australia had the greatest proportion of mobile clicks at 60 percent of the overall total; 9 percent greater than the global ratio of mobile clicks.

Global trends continue to suggest that mobile is the primary driver of views to branded content.

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