US, UK and Australia Experiencing Strong Branded Content Performance

May 01, 2017

With Q1 at a close, we can take a look at the aggregate trends in branded content performance. Polar’s Snapshot of Global Branded Content Performance presents the complete picture for major markets and publishers this past quarter. Let’s take a closer look at our core markets: the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia, and why their strong mobile performances should dictate where publishers focus their attention in the coming months.

Market Performance – United States

Overall, US CTR performed higher than the global average and ATS is slightly below the global average.

  • CTR in the US performed 23 percent higher than the global average with mobile driving the strong performance.
  • ATS was 5 percent lower than the global average due to poor performance on the desktop.
  • Mobile ATS, much like the global average, was 38 percent longer than desktop.
  • Opportunity: The US’s major gains came in mobile this quarter, which is where stateside publishers want to be. Taking steps to ensure desktop performance remains steady should be the second priority.

Market Performance – United Kingdom

Dwell time with branded content in the UK outperformed both the US and Australia in Q1.

  • Mobile CTR in the UK dipped 17 percent below the overall global average.
  • UK performed 23 percent higher for ATS.
  • Dwell time on mobile performed even better, coming in at 40 percent higher than the global average.
  • Opportunity: While UK CTRs are dipping slightly below average, their engagement through ATS shows the market is creating compelling material, and their smartphone performance suggest boosting more traffic through mobile will boost their stats across the board.

Market Performance – Australia

Australia has seen greatest volatility in CTRs over the past few years, but Q1 demonstrated the region has started to stabilize, as the market continues to improve its digital branded content strategy.

  • Mobile CTR in Australia performed 10 percent higher than the global overall average.
  • Australian ATS performed in line with the global average across all categories.
  • The overall Australian ATS was dragged down by a particularly poor tablet performance in the region.
  • Opportunity: While at first glance, Australian performance may not seem staggering, this is a remarkably stable performance for what was once a volatile region for branded content performance. Australian publishers would be wise to continue bolstering their mobile efforts, as much of the region’s growth and stability is due to smartphone performance.

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JULY 2017

Polar’s Snapshot of Global Branded Content Performance presents the complete picture for major markets and publishers this past quarter.