Mobile collectively drives more than 60% of all custom content views due to innovative formats and CTR optimization through Polar’s Platform

Oath has built a global-leading custom content business, RYOT Studio, that has an extensive team of content creators, designers and brand strategists – all dedicated to helping advertisers create quality content experiences across Oath’s publishers. RYOT Studio is able to provide advertisers with distribution across Oath’s portfolio of leading publishing brands, including AOL, TechCrunch, HuffPost, Yahoo and many others.

RYOT Studio works directly with brands to create custom content that aligns with the various marketer objectives while maintaining the distinct voice that the publisher’s readers have grown to know and love. Focusing on RYOT Studio’s work on HuffPost, they have partnered with a range of different advertisers, and have produced content for major brands, including Sleep Number, Fidelity, Toyota, Comcast and Tropicana.

Polar is one of our strongest technology partners. Over the years we have expanded our partnership into new geographies, platforms and digital properties. Our custom content team in particular has leveraged Polar for streamlining distribution across our mobile channels. Together, we are constantly on the forefront of innovation that’s driving a mobile-first monetization strategy.

            Jeff Turner | Senior Director of Product, Advertising & Brand Innovation at Oath

Monetizing Mobile Audiences is Challenging

Many publishers struggle to monetize their disparate mobile audiences, as readers are increasingly consuming content away from a publisher’s core owned and operated mobile web properties. Today, Facebook’s Instant Articles, Google’s AMP and Apple News are popular off site consumption platforms. Most publishers only monetize these platforms with traditional display advertising, but HuffPost is also monetizing these areas with branded content distribution through Polar’s Platform.

Mobile Performance Highlights

  • Mobile channels collectively accounts for 60% of all custom content views
    • iOS App accounts for half of mobile views and boasts an impressive 0.99% CTR
    • Instant Articles and AMP now represent more than a third of mobile views
  • Mobile CTR outperforms desktop by nearly 3X
    • Average CTR across all mobile channels is 0.46%
    • HuffPost’s mobile performance beats global benchmarks by more than 2X
  • Mobile drives 40% of total custom content revenue
    • Custom content has 5x more dedicated promotional placements across mobile channels than desktop
    • Instant Articles now drives almost 50% of custom content revenue on mobile

HuffPost and Polar Partner On Distributing Custom Content Across Owned Mobile Channels

HuffPost leads the publishing and media industry when it comes to mobile monetization. In addition to monetizing with traditional advertising, the team is now focused on growing revenue with mobile optimized branded content experiences. HuffPost uses Polar’s Platform to not only distribute branded content, but also optimize its delivery and performance.

HuffPost Streamlines Branded Content Distribution Across 4 Mobile Platforms

With out-of-the-box integrations on Polar’s Platform, the custom content team is able to quickly connect and distribute content into new mobile platforms, such as AMP, Instant Articles and iOS Apps. HuffPost delivers branded content programs more efficiently with automated campaign setup, dynamic formats, creative optimization and centralized performance analytics.

Mobile Quickly Becoming the Driving Force for Custom Content Revenue Growth

Mobile currently represents 40 percent of total custom content revenue and is expected to drive more revenue than desktop by the end of 2017. This is especially true for publishers, like HuffPost, as they now heavily use Facebook Instant Articles & Google AMP for branded content distribution. Instant Articles and AMP have become a significant source of mobile supply for HuffPost, and Polar’s formats have resulted in strong performance for Ryot’s branded content.

Polar has worked in close tandem with the HuffPost team for over three years now. Our strong partnership has allowed us to constantly be testing and developing new formats and content executions in an ever-in-creasing mobile world. The numbers speak for themselves, HuffPost is an industry leader when it comes to monetizing mobile audiences.

           Rahul Agarwal | Vp, Technical Solutions at Polar