Trusted Publishers Deliver Over 30 Billion Direct-Sold Ads Using Polar’s Format Management Platform

Polar ( is sharing today that trusted publishers have delivered over 30 billion direct-sold ads using its Format Management Platform (FMP) in the past year. NBCUniversal, Conde Nast, News Corp, USA TODAY NETWORK, The Telegraph, Singapore Press Holdings, and over 120 trusted publishers representing 2,000 quality websites use Polar’s Format Management Platform.

“For the Trusted Web to exist, we need quality content and publishers are at the core of this. For publishers to thrive, they need a business model and advertising will continue to be a big part of this for years to come. A sustainable online ad model for publishers means a profitable direct-sold business, as this is high-margin, differentiated and strategic. Our success and growth in the past few years is credited to our focus on helping publishers grow their direct-sold ad business with ad innovation”, shared Kunal Gupta, CEO, Polar.


Polar has been used by publishers to promote on-site branded content since the initial launch of their native ad platform in 2013. In the past few years, Polar invested over $30m in R&D to expand its platform capabilities to support a variety of ad formats beyond native, which now includes social, video and display capabilities. 

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A robust toolset within Polar’s FMP is what makes it self-serve for publishers, scalable and efficient to customize and manage formats versus a historical frankenstein approach of publishers using many vendors. Polar’s FMP supports the delivery of direct-sold ad formats in a breadth of publisher owned & operated distribution channels, including Web, Apps, Apple News, Accelerated Mobile Pages and Email.

In the past year, Polar’s 120 publisher clients used its Format Management Platform to support over $150 million in direct-sold digital revenue. Polar’s FMP was used for over 50,000 creatives for 15,000 campaigns and 10,000 advertisers. The 30 billion ads delivered represents a 2.5x increase from two years prior.

Trusted publishers who have been using Polar’s FMP for many years had this to say:

USA TODAY NETWORK’s Kelly Andresen (SVP Client Solutions and Head of GET Creative): “Polar’s tech and team have been a key part of our success in scaling branded content for both national and local clients. They continue to invest in helping publishers like us build a strong direct-sold business which is what makes our long-term partnership with Polar so valuable”.

NBCUniversal’s Mike Rucker (Vice President of Branded Content): “Branded content is one of our fastest growing digital solutions at NBCU and having the right platform and partner to meet the needs of our scaling business is critical. Polar fits that build for us, their team and tech are the best in the market and we wouldn’t be where we are without them”.

Over 50% of Polar’s revenue is now from outside the US, as the business has expanded its publisher client footprint in 20+ markets. Key international clients had this to say:

Singapore: SPH’s Hui Cheng Yang (Head of Strategy & Innovation): “Polar has given us access to world class technology and ad innovation that our sales team has successfully taken to market in a relatively short time period. Polar’s formats are included in every client pitch now”.

Netherlands: De Persgroep’s Frank Meijer (Digital Sales Leader): “Polar has been a strong tech partner for several years in branded content and now new innovative ad formats. We appreciate how they listen to our needs and we see them as a true partner that we trust and can grow alongside with”.

South Africa: Media24’s Charlene Beukes (GM, News): “Polar is a global leader that we turn to for ad innovation to serve our clients better and market insights to help inform our business strategy. We really appreciate the partnership we’ve formed with them and their team is a joy to work with.”

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Digital advertising will be a $330 billion industry this year, growing at a rate of 18% as forecasted by eMarketer. With the top 7 ad platforms expected to capture 81% of the market by 2020 and collectively growing at a faster rate than the market, the rest of the pie is now in decline. Publishers are looking for ad innovation to grow their businesses profitably.

The Open Web has become the Dirty Web, with brands questioning spend on open programmatic exchanges, users putting up ad blockers and publishers setting up paywalls. The Social Web has become the Toxic Web, with Facebook and YouTube now recognized as toxic environments for brands, democracy, mental health and online safety. A new era of the web is being born, which is the Trusted Web and Polar’s mission is to power the companies at the heart of this, trusted publishers.

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