Over 100 brands adopt Social Cards with SPH to diversify social distribution

SPH, the largest trusted publisher in Singapore, has seen incredible adoption of Social Cards, a new ad format launched last year in partnership with Polar. Over 100 brands, including Audi, Armani, Cirque du Soleil, Shell, Robinson, Toyota and Marina Centre Holdings, are using Social Cards. 

Social Cards allows brands to easily distribute their existing social creatives from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter across the SPH’s trusted publisher sites, including the Straits Times, Business Times, AsiaOne, Business Insider, Zaobao and more.

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Social Cards is powered by Polar, who provide a Format Management Platform (FMP) to trusted publishers around the world. SPH is the exclusive partner for Social Cards in Singapore. 

“Social Cards gives clients more value, with higher engagement than display and higher attention than social feeds. Best of all, it’s easy to execute as we repurpose existing creatives, which means no new creative production costs or client approvals are needed”, shared Hui Cheng, Yang, Head of Strategy & Innovation, SPH. “Polar has been a great tech partner for us and we are proud to work them exclusively in the Singapore market”.

The initial results for Social Cards have been impressive. On SPH sites, the average engagement rate of 0.6% is 10x higher than standard display. The average attention (in-view time) time of 9 seconds is 5x higher than social feeds.

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SPH and Polar are today announcing new capabilities for Social Cards, including:

*Always-on campaigns: Polar will automatically ingest all of a brand’s social creatives in real-time and they will be promoted automatically to relevant audiences on SPH’s network of trusted websites. 

*Programmatic support: agencies and brands can now buy Social Cards via Programmatic Guaranteed workflows. This allows clients to activate their first-party audience data for better targeting within SPH’s trusted sites. 

*Moat and IAS verification: clients can use their own Moat or IAS verification tags to measure viewability and attention for Social Cards. Trusted third-party verification is now a must-have in the digital advertising ecosystem. 

*Desktop support: originally Social Cards was available only on mobile web and now it is also available on SPH’s desktop sites. This gives brands even greater reach and more opportunities to engage with customers. 

“The Social Web is now the Toxic Web. Toxic for society, personal data, children, democracy, mental health and for brands. Brands are looking for an alternative and with SPH’s trusted and Polar’s proven social formats, we have it together”, shared Gavin Merwood, General Manager, Polar.

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To learn more about Polar’s Format Management Platform, visit www.polar.me.

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