A Quarterly Snapshot Of Global Branded Content Performance

April 2017

With Q1-2017 at a close, we can take a look at the aggregate trends in branded content performance. Polar’s Snapshot of Global Branded Content Performance presents the complete picture for major markets and publishers this past quarter. One things is clear: mobile is the major driver of views to branded content, and its performance noticeably beats its desktop counterpart.

Key Takeaways For Publishers:

  • Mobile click-through-rates to branded content were 30 percent higher than the global average across all devices, and 50 percent higher than desktop.
  • Mobile average time-spent or dwell time with branded content was 22 percent higher than the global average, and 38 percent higher than desktop.
  • Global trends now suggest mobile is quickly becoming the primary driver of views to branded content. Desktop-driven views continue to decrease on a proportional scale to overall growth.
  • Comparative data for major markets like the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia on their mobile performance in Q1.

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