New CPV Pricing Benchmarks For US, UK and Australian Markets

September 2017

With so many buyers and sellers of custom content today, all with varying degrees of sophistication, experience, and maturity, there is naturally a lot of confusion as to how custom content is bought and sold. We decided to help bring some clarity to the issue and provide publishers with an exclusive look at our perspective and knowledge. This whitepaper outlines the rapid evolution of the business model changes for custom content over the past few years, why everyone today is selling custom content on a CPV model (even if you believe you’re not) and updated CPV benchmarks for each of the US, UK and Australian markets.

This report is exclusive to publishers only. If you are a publisher, please use your professional email and a copy will be sent to you shortly.

Key Takeaways For Publishers:

  • The Evolution of Custom Content Business Models: CPV is now the primary business model, or currency, for custom content buyers, even if all sellers have not yet caught up.
  • CPV Pricing Benchmarks: Newly updated pricing benchmarks for the US, UK, and Australian markets.
  • The Challenges Ahead CPV Models: Although CPV is the clear standard for custom content pricing today, it does also come with a host of challenges.

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