Showing The Full Spectrum Of Branded Content

March 2017

Native advertising, advertorials, sponsored content, branded content, partner content – it’s all rather confusing, no?

This brand new guide brings clarity to the publishing and advertising industry by defining the three distinct shades of branded content: editorial sponsorships, custom content and advertiser content – as well as further flavors contained in each shade. It explores what purpose each shade serves and how they should, and can, be used by advertisers to achieve a greater marketing objective.

Key Takeaways For Publishers:

  • The Three Distinct Shades: Sponsored Editorial, Custom Content and Advertiser Content make up the three main streams of Branded Content, but each has distinct flavors with varied use cases.
  • Premium Publishers Have Options: A publisher’s branded content packaging depends on resources and maturity.
  • Adhering To The Marketing Funnel: Brands require different levels of integration depending on their marketing objectives.
  • Great Examples Of Real Branded Content: Live campaigns, showing where they fit along the wide spectrum of Branded Content.

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