A Closer Look At How Facebook Has Stolen Publishers’ Digital Ad Revenue

September 2017

This whitepaper shares some perspectives and insights on how Facebook has slowly and surely eaten up publishers’ digital ad revenue. This is intended to help publishers better understand the bigger picture of how Facebook works, by understanding the News Feed, how they monetized brands, their attitude towards influencers and what may be in store for retailers. The information in this whitepaper is based on our own research, experience, and opinions.

Key Takeaways For Publishers:

  • A Snapshot of Facebook’s Dominance: To date Facebook has 2.01 billion Monthly Active Users with $9.32 billion in Quarterly Revenue, equating to 45% YoY Revenue Growth (Q2 2017 vs. Q2 2016).
  • Facebook News Feed: How It Works: A highly influential and important discovery tool, that is personalized for each and every user, controlled solely by Facebook and its own discretion.
  • How Facebook Monetized Brands: As Facebook organic reach dropped from approximately 12% to 6% (and now often at 1%), Facebook’s stock price moved from nearly $50 to nearly $70, adding billions of dollars in market capitalization.
  • Managing The Threat: Start to build and invest in a strategy that appropriately respects the market position that Facebook has, both with your audience and brands.

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