The Future Of Branded Content

Massive, sudden, and unexpected disruptions have been an ongoing trend in media and advertising over the past decade. Publishers beware – the threat of massive disruption to the publisher-led branded content business is looming and it’s time to think about your future.

Polar has put together a market vision brief that includes insights about the future of branded content, with a warning about the current reality, as well as a variety of tactics and strategies for a different future for branded content.

Key Topics & Themes:

  • The Reality of The Branded Content Market Today
    • Publisher Sales Challenges
    • Agencies Causing Disruption
    • Brands Taking Content In-House
  • The Trusted Web
  • Strategies For A Different Future For Branded Content
    • Unbranded Content
    • Branded Content Stories
    • Workhorse vs. Showhorse
    • Engaged View Rate
    • Analytics Verification
    • New Attribution Models
    • Brand Owned Channels
    • CPM & CPE Models
    • SME Opportunities

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