A First Ever Look Into How Premium Publishers Are Disclosing Native Promotions Of Branded Content

July 2016

Polar examined 65 partner websites, containing 137 native ad placements and 67 unique styles within to present a comprehensive look at how publishers approach disclosure in branded content and native placements. With this research we can confidently present an industry first look at The State of Native Disclosure.

Skyscrapers with Digital network communication in Shanghai.

Key Findings for Publishers:

  • State of FTC Guidelines: Disclosure elements should appear in a shade that stands out against the background.
  • Disclosure Term Analysis: “Sponsored” is by far the most commonly used disclosure term and was seen 3x as much as the next most popular term, “Promoted”.
  • Number of Disclosure Terms: 85% of native ad units examined by Polar contained only one disclosure term, most included 2 to 3.
  • Native Format Design Elements: A boarder is a line that at least partly surrounds the native ad and has a different color or shading from the backgrounds within and surrounding the native ad.

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