The Future Of Content Distribution – Apps, Messaging, Social, Video, & Web

December 2015

Where and how content is consumed is changing rapidly. Today, more and more content is being created and distributed, but does it get noticed or used? Learn which different channels are on publishers’ radar and how they’re using them to distribute their stories now, and the future.


Key Findings for Publishers:

  • Publishers are pushing content beyond their sites: Social platforms, chat apps, and news distribution services such as AMP are all ways publishers are experimenting with how they distribute content.
  • Facebook is a major player: Through Instant Articles, Messenger, and video and posts in the Newsfeed, Facebook is major platform where publishers find existing and new audiences for their content.
  • Video is gaining prominence: With video consumption even easier on mobile, platforms like YouTube, Snapchat, Periscope and Instagram are the major distributors of video content.

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