What Makes A Great Branded Content Headline?

October 2017

Aside from content, headlines are the single most important part of an article – it’s the gateway to your content and it’s what makes the reader hungry to find out more. In this whitepaper, we go through a variety of elements that contribute to a headlines success. We will deep dive into characters, words, and phrases, giving you a detailed look at global aggregate headline performance data from the world’s leading premium publishers.

Key Takeaways For Publishers:

  • Longer Headlines Improve CTR: Median CTR improves when headlines have more words and characters. Performance peaks at 90-99 characters and 15-16 words in length.
  • Use Numbers And Special Characters: CTR performance improves when numerical numbers and special characters ($, !, &, ?) are used in a headline.
  • Include Words That Relate To Your Topic: Including keywords that relate to the topic or category of your content will grab the reader’s attention and improved CTR performance.
  • ‘If It Bleeds It Leads’ Is Not Always True: When looking at both positive and negative words, the median CTR improves when positive words are used in a headline.

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