As Polar works with premium publishers across the globe it’s clear the industry is approaching a crossroads. Native is hot, and reliably growing to the point where it will represent a majority of publishers’ revenue by 2018. The question publishers now face is whether to go premium, direct sold with their native advertising and branded content programs, or go the programmatic route, partnering with networks and exchanges along with the risks and rewards that entails.

In speaking with our customer base and researching industry trends, Polar can present A Publisher’s Guide | Premium and Programmatic Native, a 17-page whitepaper defining both formats, detailing the differences between them, their advantages and drawbacks, and advice for publishers approaching both.

Key findings for premium publishers:

  • Reserve premium inventory for the promotion of branded content
  • Keep programs in-house to create more value
  • Use caution when choosing programmatic partners
  • Enable mediation of programmatic sources